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Traditional Masks Sri Lanka

Traditional Masks Sri Lanka

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The art of Sri Lankan Masks was existing from time immemorial;

Mask carving is a local tradition in the southern coastal region in Sri Lanka. Ambalangoda is well known for traditional masks carvings and masks dancing. The present institution named ‘Ariyapala Traditional Masks’. The history of this tradition date back for many centuries and has developed into perfection in the hand of the Wijesooriya family in Ambalangoda.

Ariyapala Tradition passing through their seventh generation of traditional masks carving and Low country dancing. The marks of this family’s cultural activities have become a part of Ambalangoda history. “Ariyapala Wijesooriya Gurunnanse”, one of the greatest master craftsmen in Sri Lanka. He handed over his profound knowledge in all traditional masks carving and dancing into Mahindapala Wijesooriya one of the nationally and internationally award winner master carver.

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Ariyapala Traditional Mask Museum

This museum is designed to introduce into the richness of the mask tradition of Ambalangoda and to strengthen this cultural heritage. The museum, the workshop and the Puppets displays centuries old masks & puppets of Sri Lanka each one with a distinct history of its own. This museum will certainly be a landmark in the future for all students & scholars interested in the mask of Sri Lanka and its tradition, it may serve as a center for traditional arts and crafts and for research as well. Apart from the attraction that it will have for Sri Lankan and foreign visitors of the area.

‘Ariyapala & Sons’ passing through their fifth generation of traditional masks carving and dancing is a very popular cultural center in Ambalangoda.

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